Death + Co. (New York City, United States)

If I ever do a profile on an individual restaurant or bar in the city, it must be special.  Death + Company is hands down my favorite bar in New York.  Given the number of places I have been within the city, endorsing Death + Co is a big deal.  I have never had a bad drink at Death, or a bad meal.  It is quite possibly the perfect bar.

David Kaplan and Ravi DeRossi opened Death & Co in 2008.  Located in the East Village, trying to find it during the daytime is impossible.  At night, though, you will know you are at the right spot when you see a lone doorman with a notepad in front of a large wooden door. Approach the doorman to see how long the wait is.  Death does not allow people to stand in the bar, which allows it to keep the crowd small and the quality high. If you are lucky, you can waltz right in.  If the place is busy, you may have to go to another place nearby and grab a drink until the doorman calls you.  (Tip: Don’t go on weekend nights – the place can have a multi-hour wait.)  If you have a short wait, within a 3-minute walk of Death are several top-notch bars to pass the time.

Once you are inside the intimate room, decide what kind of drink you are in the mood for and let the libations flow.  The food menu is delicious too.  I don’t know how they do it, but they do. Sit back, drink, eat, relax.

Most of my first dates are at Death.  Anytime I want to have a fantastic cocktail I go to Death.  If I want to relax and not see anyone I go to Death.  If I want to get sloppy on delicious drinks I go to Death.  If I just want dinner I go to Death.  Just go to Death.  Never once have I had a bad experience there.  It is what drinking should be.  Let’s put it like this – on several occasions either my friends or I have left $100+ tips on $40 bar tabs.  It’s that good.