I recently purchased a Glock 22 handgun. I had never purchased a weapon, nor was I even that interested in weapons. I recently made an investment in a concealed-carry company, and I just felt as if I needed to become much more proficient with weapons given the nature of our society today.

I found something I did not initially expect as I have gained proficiency shooting – I find it incredibly relaxing.  Shooting the bullet through a target (hopefully I’ll never have to use it in a combat or self-defense situation) is intensely peaceful.  Initially, I thought, how strange – how could that be? How could firing a loud and powerful bullet through a trigger be peaceful?  And then I realized the answer.

Shooting well requires intense concentration. You cannot be distracted when you are shooting. You focus on the front sight, breathe, and pull the trigger. For that instant you are firing, you have to perfectly present in that moment.  That second you are placing all of your energy in hitting the target. That is it. There are no other thoughts – no friends, no family, no work, no thinking about anything other than executing the simple motion of the trigger. Every round. Every time. The second you lose front sight focus, you miss.

That extreme presence in the moment is something I only achieve in three scenarios: mediation, intense workouts, or shooting. And of those, only shooting provides instant feedback. The others, although equally beneficial, take time to see improvement.