Hello, I'm Shawn Leamon

Businessman and Ultra-Endurance Athlete

I help companies & successful individuals turn $1 into $2, then $2
into $4. Sometimes, the objective is to keep $1 from becoming $0.25.

About Me

I've loved business since I could do math. Purchased my first stock at 13 and been investing in companies both public and private ever since. My strengths: Sales & Strategy. Entrepreneur at heart. I hope to help as many people as I can throughout this thing we call life. I want to leave each person and my community a bit better than before I was a part of it. I run a few businesses with the help of a great team.



We help law firms get more
high-quality clients — profitably.


Founded in 2013, LaGrande Global is a firm that serves as the trusted Chief Investment Officer for individuals and families undergoing complex changes to their financial liquidity, such as in the case of divorce, inheritance, and selling a business.


In the last year, 899,340 people received help from Divorce
and Your Money resources. Will you?


Digital Marketing
for Law Firms

Digital Marketing Book

Divorce and
Your Money

Divorce and your money Book

Managing Private

Managing Private Wealth Book


dartmouth college

IE Business School

Master of Business
Administration (M.B.A.)

dartmouth college

Dartmouth College

Bachelor’s Degree,
Economics and
Philosophy (Dual Major)

dartmouth college

Greenhill School

Dallas, Texas


Focusing on your competitors is dumb. Focus on your customers.

By Shawn | June 23, 2024

Every business I have started is in a highly competitive, low-barrier-to-entry industry. (Note to the reader: If you have a business in a less competitive, high-barrier-to-entry industry and need some help, you know who to call.) Anyone with a computer and an internet connection could start a business like mine—and many have. In fact, every…

Should I Let A Star Employee Take a 30-Day Vacation?

By Shawn | June 10, 2024

Should I Let A Star Employee Take a 30-Day Vacation? One of my best workers, J, wants to take a month off for a trip to Europe she planned before she started working with us. J has been an amazing employee for the past seven months. Her attitude and commitment are exactly what I wish…

Cowtown Marathon

By Shawn | February 29, 2016

Yesterday, I ran the Cowtown Marathon in Fort Worth, Texas. It was actually the Cowtown Ultra Marathon – a 31-mile race. In the world of ultra marathons, 31 miles is the shortest distance to still be considered an “ultra.” I signed up on a whim about a month before the race. It was late January,…