A Failure in Execution: Lazzara’s (New York City, United States)

In New York, like in many world-class cities, sometimes accidentally stumbling into a restaurant or bar off the beaten path can be a fortuitous experience.  My accidental wandering into Lazzara’s pizza was not.

I happened to walk by the place one evening.  It looked interesting enough, as it had the makings of a diamond in an otherwise desolate neighborhood on 7th avenue 38th  street.  The faux-rustic interior and wood-burning pizza stove caught my eye.  A quick review of the menu looked promising – relatively inexpensive personal-style pizzas with mouthwatering ingredients.  I decided to try what seemed like a clever pizza concoction: braised lamb with roasted lemon and oregano.

As I patiently waited for my pizza to arrive, I could not help but to imagine the deliciousness that I was about to eat.  Such a unique pizza idea, I think to myself.  Many minutes later, the pizza arrives.  A nice sized pizza with a thin, crispy crust, topped with my lamb, oregano and lemon.

What a disappointment.  Flavorless crust, sauce, cheese, lamb…was there even oregano or lemon in it?  I couldn’t tell.  I could see the lamb, but could not taste it.  I think there was the occasional hint of lemon.  I think the green specks were oregano, but I’m not sure. My excitement quickly faded, and I regret parting with my $9.  I should have gotten two $1 slices nearby.