An Exquisite Piece of French Toast – La Silhouette

Truly transcendent French toast is illusive.  French toast is, by nature, a delicious item.  A piece of bread with egg, cinnamon, sugar and milk, fried in a pan is hard to screw up.  But rare is it the piece of French toast that is just far superior to other pieces.  A bad piece of French toast is usually quite tasty – it’s the bread version of a C-class Mercedes.  Yet a great piece of French toast is like driving a Lamborghini Mercielago zooming down an open road.  Surreal and unforgettable.

I brunched at La Silhouette, a French restaurant in Midtown West.  The majority of the food was good, but not great.  However, the French toast was amongst the finest two or three pieces of French toast I have ever eaten.  The toast was a large rectangular loaf. The outside was slightly crisp, as if it had been pan-seared.  The inside was a light, fluffy, melt in your mouth drop of deliciousness.  The taste and texture of the French toast was perfect. Topped with a dollop of cream and some syrup, I had never had such an excellent piece of French toast in my life.  Simply unreal.