Morocco: la nourriture et les boissons

The Moroccans, a vibrant, energetic and enthusiastic people.  Their cuisine, dominated by olives, tagines and some truly amazing items below:

Jus d’orange

I love my Floridian OJ, but the Moroccans may have some of the finest orange juice that has ever passed my lips.  The juice, usually costing no more than 5 dirhams ($0.60), is simply delicious.  The shop owners will take the oranges one by one and squeeze them by hand, and will pour you a nice sized glass for immediate consumption.

The juice is lovely – medium bodied, ever-so-slightly sweet, slightly pulpy, easily drinkable but vibrantly flavorful.  The fresh, unprocessed oranges retain a richness of flavor unrivaled by anything I have tried in the United States or Europe.

If you ever happen to be in Marrakech, in the medina, #44 at night serves the finest, freshest OJ in Morocco, perhaps the world.


While Morocco is home to many unique spices and minerals, Eucalyptus is easily one of the most intriguing.  The medicinal powers of eucalyptus are well known.  However, I had never tried it in its pure crystal forms until having a long tour through a spice market in Marrakech. The little eucalyptus crystals are, on their surface, unremarkable.  However, adding just a small amount, perhaps half a pinch of salt worth to a hot beverage, unleashes its magical powers.  The aroma is overwhelming, instantly opening up even the stuffiest of nasal passages. As you swallow it, it instantly soothes your throat and energizes your body. It truly is magical.  Most impressive, though, is that one tiny crystal has such a strong effect.  Easily one of the most amazing consumption experiences I have ever had.  Nature’s finest.


In the countryside of Morocco, far from the major cities, you find people who spend their days collecting fresh mint. This mint, in turn, is used to produce some fresh, flavorful mint tea.  (And if people drank here it would a damn good mojito.)  Such a simple drink, but as with the orange juice, exquisite.