Rough Creek [Ultra]Marathon

Thoughts following the pictures.


Again, I failed.  I attempted the Glen Rose, Rough Creek Lodge 40 miler.  I ended my journey 27 miles in.  I think I could have walked the last 13 miles, but it would have taken another 4 hours or so and I needed to meet someone in Dallas.  The course was very difficult, but fun nonetheless.

I completed the marathon distance in 5:17:35, in line with the second-place woman. I would have been 11th or 12th overall.  Would have.  I signed up for, and fully intended to complete the 40 mile distance. Cramps, cuts, bleeding, pain, falling and more later I knew the end would take much longer than I had budgeted.  The course, as I mentioned before, had a four-mile stretch that I could only walk on.  By walk, I mean slide down some of the hills and dig my hands into the rock to climb up.  It was tough.  Good, but tough.  A new experience for me.  I wish I had more thoughts about the race, but I don’t.  It was long and hard (insert that’s what she said joke) but that’s about it.  I’ve never been this sore.

But, as always, look forward to the next one.