The Next Challenge

I haven’t written anything publicly for a while. It has been 5, almost 6 months.  Not to say nothing has been going on, perhaps the exact opposite. The last few months have been an overwhelming experience.  I graduated from IE Business School in Madrid and moved back to the US to work full-time for my own businesses LaGrande Global and Honey R Capital.

That, in itself, has been a challenge, but ultimately no complaints. Life without a safety net is an incredible experience. I can say this much: working for a company with benefits and a paycheck is an easy and seductive life. But not for me. I want to forge my own path in the world.

Along those lines, I am preparing myself for another challenge in October, one that I have been thinking about for a very long time. On October 17th, I will be attending Kokoro Camp.  It’s description: “Prepare to Meet Yourself for the First Time. There comes a time in everyones life when you want to test your heart and soul. A real test that takes you to your very essence. A test that lets you examine exactly what you are made of. You prepare for it, you train for it, and you know it will make you a better person no matter what. SEALFIT Kokoro Camp is such a test.”

It is the civilian version of Navy SEAL Hell Week. I will be beaten down and broken, but never defeated. It’s going to be the hardest 50 hours of my life. And I can’t wait to go through it.

In the days and weeks leading up to the event, I will be training hard – harder every week. SEALFIT workouts, Goruck workouts, running, lifting, everything. My training gets progressively harder and tougher – harder than I have trained for anything. I turning steel, striving for effortless perfection. I will never quit.