Morton’s (Dallas, Texas, United States)

On occasion, I will post on things non-New York related.  I had the opportunity to have a surprise birthday dinner for my mom at Morton’s Steakhouse in Dallas.  It has recently moved locations, to a prime spot near downtown Dallas.

I made the reservation several weeks in advance, and told them the situation.  We ordered some custom flowers for the table.  Upon arrival, they not only met, but thoroughly exceeded expectations. Jim Huntley, the manager, wished my mother happy birthday and had us seated at a nice table (it was a quiet night).

The menus said “Happy Birthday” on them. They sang to my mom at dessert.  Everyone did a great job at making my mom feel special.  It was a dinner I will never forget.  They took service up a notch.  Oh, and the food was perfect (as it usually is).  I will certainly be back.