Where are all the good pancakes?

New York has such excellent food at almost any hour of the day…except for when it comes to pancakes.  The pancake quality in the city is surprisingly low.  In fact, only two places make really good pancakes: Norma’s [best breakfast in the city, FYI] and Clinton St. Baking Company. That’s it.  Their pancake style is very different – Norma’s pancakes are slightly thinner, rich in buttery flavor and simply delicious.  Clinton St Baking Company, on the other hand, has thicker texture and is like eating a sweet, fluffy piece of heaven.

But beyond that, no one serves a good pancake.  I have had the pleasure of trying pancakes at dozens of restaurants, and they just aren’t good. The batter is cheap and often pre-made, the pancakes are too thin, they are over or under cooked, or just the flavor is not good.