Santceloni (Madrid, Spain)

I recently had the opportunity to visit the two Michelin star restaurant Santceloni, in the X hotel. I had walked by it many times, and had always been curious about the restaurant.  In fact, my very first (albeit brief) living apartment in Madrid was next to it.  So, naturally, when I needed a Michelin-starred meal on short notice, I turned to Santceloni, with high expectations.

And disappoint it was.  We dined with a group of 6, all opting for the seven-course Gastronomic Menu with accompanying wine pairings.  The cost per person was €250, which is a quite a hefty price tag.  Except, if the meal were exceptional, I would not think twice about the price.

Unfortunately, not only was it one of the more disappointing Michelin starred meals I have had in Europe, easily the worst two-star restaurant thus far, I left starving.

There is little to remark on the menu.  The wine pairings were disappointing, with the exception of the beginning sherry.  Otherwise, a waste of money.  Also, the portions were bite sized, and the best dish was ironically the one not prepared in the restaurant — the cheese plate.   And given the expense, certainly not worth it.  Unfortunately.

So, having spent almost $350 on sub-par food, especially for a two Michelin star restaurant,  pass.