El Club Allard (Madrid, Spain)

El Club Allard is perhaps one of the finest bargains in Michelin Star dining.  To speak of a dining experience as a bargain, for me, is a very rare consideration.  In fact, to even consider price is, in general, irrelevant. But, for a two star dining experience, El Club Allard was worth every penny.

A group of six of us ate what was a nearly perfect meal.  It was so good, we even ate the menu, literally.

The Meal

Aperitif: Pascal Doquet Blanc de Blancs

Scones & Garlic Butter
Short shell “txangurro”
Game truffle with Foie and Mushrooms

Wine: Marones Picarana 2012 (Albillo Real)

Chantilly from “Cantagrulla” with Seaweed
Oinion Soup

Wine: Terra Remota: Caminante 2012

Egg with Bread and Pancetta served over a light Potato Cream Sauce
Tuna from the north of Spain with Tomato and tender almonds
Sea Bass with Korean Marinade

Wine: Finca la Emperatriz Viura 2010

Sucking Lamb Shoulder with Tandoori crumble

Wine: Jimenez Landi Pielago 2010

Nordes’s Gin Tonic with Strawberry
The Fishbowl
Poched Egg
“Face of Buddha”

There were numerous “standout” dishes during the meal.

Onion Soup – Perhaps the finest I have ever tried.

Suckling Lamb Shoulder – Tender, flavorful, simply perfect.  Could be eaten every day of the week.

Gin Tonic with Strawberry – The flavor packed into this pre-dessert was unbelievable.  Simply fantastic.

Poached Egg. An indescribably delicious…non egg. It was chocolate.

All unforgettable.