Israel ישראל

August 2013

Thoughts after the pictures.

I have a new favorite foreign city, and that is Tel Aviv.

Attempting to apply a logic to feelings is a very difficult, in the sense that explaining why you love your partner or a work of art. I just do.  As soon as I reached the city of Tel Aviv, I knew it was special. It just felt right.  I did not feel like I was on vacation, rather, I felt as if I were at home.

It is somewhere like a mix between Manhattan, Brooklyn and Miami, without all the pretensions. It is unquestionably one of the best places I have visited outside of NYC.

I will not drone on about how much I enjoyed the city, but I will provide some miscellaneous comments I noted during my journey.

Security checks were frequent, but not overly burdensome. I thought the security was very sufficient and thorough, even when I had to go through a few extra screenings.    And knowing what to expect made the process all the more manageable.

Turkish airlines has some of the nicest planes and best food I have encountered while flying lately. Not to say I would ever eat that food on the ground, but ill take it in the air anyway. The plane was an Airbus 321, each seat with a personal entertainment system with a very nice selection of movies and music.

If it weren’t for the Hebrew and soldiers carrying their rifles everywhere, I would have thought Tel Aviv was a city in the United States.

The people are gorgeous, and no young person is obese. I understand how Bar Refaeli came from here.

I will return.  If only it were geographically closer to the United States…