Punto MX (Madrid, Spain)

Perhaps the hardest reservation I have ever tried securing is at Punto MX, a Mexican restaurant in Madrid.  The standard dinner wait list is 2-3 months in advance, which is unheard of a country in the midst of a financial crisis.  In fact, I’m pretty sure no other restaurant in the country has such demand.  So, knowing I would have to go for my birthday, I made a reservation several months in advance for 6 people.

The food? Delicious.  Punto MX is quite simple, traditional Mexican food.  There was little culinary technique that “wowed” me.  But the quality of ingredients was extraordinary.  There was no bad or disappointing dish.  And while I will not have the opportunity to return anytime soon, I could definitely eat there once a week.  It was reasonably priced and not too fancy.

Our Feast

Guacamole Punto MX.

Ceviche de callos de lubina. Salsa de chile de árbol.

Panuchos de cochinita pibil. X’nipek de cebollita morada y chile habanero.

Tacos de Wagyu. Aguacate, cebolla asada y salsa de miltomate.

Tacos de cochito ibérico ahumado. Salsa de aguacate y chile serrano.

Tacos de buey gallego madurado por 90 días estilo norteño. Salsa ranchera.