Sergi Arola (Madrid, Spain)

I had the opportunity to have an exquisite meal at Sergi Arola. The Sergi Arola menu, complete with wine pairings.  With my dining companion, we had over 20 courses and almost as many wines.  It is a two-Michelin star restaurant for a reason: innovative, expertly prepared, delicious.

I hate to let one course overshadow a whole meal, but they overcooked the Frigate Tuna. It was tough and dry, killing the flavor. My dining companion asked me to try it after he took a bite, and I immediately noticed the same thing.

Nevertheless, highly recommended dining experience.

While on the subject, I would like to make a comment about Spanish food in general.  I believe that the Spaniards occupy an odd place, culinarily speaking.  The everyday food I have had in Spain, in general, is not particularly good.  That said, the Spanish are among the world’s best when it comes to haute cuisine.  The cooking technique, the flavors, the history, are unparalleled.  There is a small core of elite chefs in Spain who’s imagination leads to the creation of some of the most unique experiences conceivable.  Sadly time and money will prevent me from enjoying every one of these experiences, but I hope to one day.